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Please Read

As most of you are aware here in England, there are currently huge delays and issues with Royal Mail due to strike action and other incidents which have taken place over the last three months.⁣ There are also many delays with manufacturers and printers due to Brexit.

To our international customers, who may not be aware of the recent issues with the Royal Mail postal service, together with national postal strikes etc, we apologise for these delays, which are out of our control.⁣

All items are in the process of being shipped, but due to backlogs, delays will be experienced. If you have not received your tracking numbers yet or your orders - please do not worry, they will be arriving slowly but surely. ⁣

We have made a note of all customers who are waiting and you all will receive discounts codes off future purchases. ⁣

Once again, we apologise for these delays but please rest assured your items will be arriving.⁣

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support, especially during this difficult time.


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