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September 11, 2019

PS1 soundtracks with with Orange Radio tonight at 21:30 PST - WWW.ORANGERADIO.US



Play Station 1 Start Up Music


Soul Blade/Soul Edge - The Edge of Soul (Intro Theme) by Khan


Metal Gear Solid - Encounter by Konami Computer Entertainment (KCE) Sound Team Japan


Tekken 2 - Black Winter Night Sky by Yoshie Takayanagi


Silent Hill - Silent Hill by Akira Yamaoka


WipEout 2097 - Landmass by The Future Sound of London


Blade - Menu Theme


Mortal Kombat Trilogy - The Pit III by Dan Forden


Alien Trilogy - Track 1 by Stephen Root


Alien Trilogy - Desperation by Stephen Root


Die Hard Trilogy - Dulles Airport by Neil Palmer & Stephen Root


Tomb Raider - Main Theme by Nathan McCree


Ape Escape - Dark Ruins by Soichi Terada


Resident Evil - Still Dawn by Masami Ueda, Makoto Tomozawa & Akari Kaida


Jet Moto 2 - Alpine by Pinnacle Music Group


Mortal Kombat Trilogy - The Street by Dan Forden


Crash Bandicoot - N. Sanity Beach by Josh Mancell


Metal Gear Solid - Game Over























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